Eduard Demishkevich

Eduard Demishkevich

Entrepreneur, Full-stack web-developer, Lean Startup methods lover

Name:Eduard Demishkevich
Date of birth:June 6, 1984
Location:Moscow, Russia
I am an advanced Project Manager and IT technician with over than 15 years of experience in such areas as software and website development, database design, business process automation. I have an extensive knowledge of techniques for an efficient launching of IT business. Over 50 projects of various complexity and importance completed successfully.

Lean Startup & growth hacking methods

We are the first generation of Russian people who will base our economics on science-intensive high technologies instead of selling natural resources. So, we should accumulate our experience and propagate it to the younger generation.

I was working on a project which allows Russian startups to get a quick expertise of their projects from mentors and look at other remarks for other startups to avoid common mistakes.

Biomedical engineering

All the most rewarding discoveries during last years were at the junction of the different sciences and different scientific approaches. Biomedical engineering is a part of the sixth technological revolution. Now, we can apply the state-of-the-art tools of mechanical engineering to biological subjects and use these achievements in medicine. For example, in the difficult cases, we could perform a preliminary simulation of a surgery procedure.

Now, I am developing methods to simulate orthodontic tooth movement using CT images of the clinical situation as the source. This is a subject of my dissertation work.

Look at my article for the Russian-Bavarian Conference on Bio-Medical Engineering

Look at my project on GitHub , allowing to segment CT-images by use of principal components analysis method.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important strategies for improving economic competitiveness and the quality of life. Technologies are major levers and base for further sustainable countries development. Currently, energy efficiency has received very little attention in Russia. The country spends an estimated 3 times more energy than the European average. The principal barriers to energy efficiency improvement in Russia are high transaction costs and lack of information about energy efficiency technologies.

Now, I am working on a b2b-platform of energy efficiency solutions. We help industrial companies to solve their problems of the energy intensity.

Look at my project

Educational technologies

I firmly believe that education will be revolutionary changed in the next 5 years. We could climb to success and make a lot of money if we advance educational technologies now.

I have created a set of MVPs to check various ideas. But did not got the expected results yet. Follow my site to keep yourself updated with the latest information.


2003 - present

Independent software developer

I am working as an independent contractor. Completed a wide variety of projects for small companies.

Developed in 2003 shareware-project for batch image processing. It's been a success at software market. Technology: MS Visual Studio

2013 - present

Co-founder, Product owner, Tech leader is a b2b-platform for the energy efficiency solutions.

2009 - 2013


Project Manager

IP-Home.Net is an ISP that also provides multimedia services such as Cable TV, IPTV, Voice over IP, Video on demand etc. Number of employees: approx. 100.

Designed and implemented efficient automated business processes in company

Developed CRM and ERP systems that best meets company's needs

Strong optimization of call center, integration with CRM and ERP

Managed for design, development and support of websites, implementation of new services and also network efficiency monitoring and optimization.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Linux, GNU C++, Cisco routers

2005 - 2009

Best Hosting LLC


Best-Hosting is a company that offers services of hosting, domain registration, websites development, business-processes automation, promotion of web-projects. Number of employees: approx. 20.

Designing and developing a content management system (CMS) for improved productivity, reliability and safety, ensuring ease of management and introduction of new functionality. Implemented on more 10 web-portals and online stores.

Technology: ASP.NET (C#), MS SQL 2000

Automating business processes associated with area of activity as Partner Service Center of Yandex advertising network. Quantity of manual work has been minimized, all activities of company as Service Center requires only 2 people (manager and accountant), with more than 1000 clients.

Automating the internal business processes to allow company to organize managers, accounting department and technical support service more efficiently.

Developed intranet portal for group of companies Vokrug Sveta. Designed and developed workflow system. This work was done by the team of programmers. In addition to development, I was responsible for implementing this project to the customer. The results met all expectations of both parties.

2004 - 2005

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

System Administrator

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is the first and largest technical university in Russia, one of the leading universities of Russia, research center, leader of Russian technical education.

Responsible for the technical support of the 14 workstations in the university's computer center.



Yandex Tolstoy Startup Camp


Tolstoy Startup Camp is a startup accelerator organized by Yandex & Metabeta. The acceleration program brings together web developers, UI designers and project managers to create high-tech businesses using the Lean methods.

2007 - present

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

PhD student

Subject is mathematical modeling of the biomechanical orthodontic tooth movement.

My dissertation work is not yet completed because of complications obtaining results.